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Supplements: What’s really in that bag of yours?


Photo taken by Megan Parker

Top athletes around the world benefit from protein supplements that help them burn fat and build muscle. Every one from professional football players to top cyclist use some sort of protein supplement. LiveStrong has been a recent proponent of the Kirkland Brand Whey Protein. With all of this attention being put on diets and supplement usage surrounding professional sports, there has been an increase of amateur supplement users over the past couple of years for post work out muscle regeneration. The problem is that many of these new users walk into the supplement world blindly believing anyone they talk to about which supplement is best and which are the most beneficial. When exploring the world of protein, one must critically assess the companies and decide which they trust to invest in.

Tom Higgins, co-founder and trainer at Victory City Crossfit Portland, expressed his concern for new users because you can never be sure what comes in the bag you buy that is labeled protein. “It could just be flour in the bag for all we know.”

He’s right. Behind the scenes legislation has been passed to limit the regulation that can be put on supplements by the FDA. What comes in the packaging may not be as advertised. Senator Hatch from Utah started this movement after the supplement company 4Life Research allegedly donated a large sum to the Senator’s re-election campaign. His legislation prevented the FDA from having a hand in regulating the final product of supplements. There are some safety regulations that all companies must follow to be passed into the market of course. The FDA still has control over safe packaging and health and safety standards of the factories but not of the actual product itself.

This puts a lot of pressure on the consumer to background check the companies they buy from to assure they are getting the product they want. So how can you tell what companies are actually putting out a good product? Here’s a few companies who have proven track records:


Photo taken by Megan Parker

1. Progenex– A proud sponsor of Crossfit games and Crossfit athletes, this company has a very strong positive reputation among the training community. They offer multiple options for protein supplements including recovery protein and muscle building protein.

2. Kirkland– This is a company that has been trusted for years for many different products ranging from food to electronics. The Kirkland Brand Whey Protein has been endorsed by training programs such as LiveStrong and body building facilities.

3. Dymatize Elite– As one of the top selling protein producing companies, Dymatize offers a variety of other supplements as well such as fat burning pills. The protein powder is a proven winner but be aware of the other supplements before taking them because not everyone should be using all of the products they have available.

It’s better to do a little research behind the product you are buying before then wind up wasting your money. Senator Hatch’s legislation has been criticized and movements have been made to reverse and change these laws. But in the mean time, good luck… information is power in this case!


7 Responses to “Supplements: What’s really in that bag of yours?”

  1. dominiquepascua

    I am wondering, given that some nutrient labels are so ambiguous (as suggested in the article), wouldn’t it be difficult to find the truth behind the ingredients?

    I do wholly agree that knowing what you are eating is important. I heard that the whole “calcium builds strong bones” case was actually just a marketing gimmick for milk. We should check on that. ;D

  2. Megan Parker

    It is very difficult, in fact unless you have some way of testing the powder you will never be 100% positive what is in the bag. It is just important to stick with companies that are trusted and have shown positive results in users! That is interesting about calcium, I will check that out! Thanks!

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