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Spring Break vs. Midterms

Image courtesy of UCLA Admissions blog.

Image courtesy of UCLA Admissions blog.

Spring break is coming up ladies and gents, but so are midterms. The stress of studying for midterms and getting those quick workouts in to get in shape has finally taken over our body and mind. So how could you possibly accomplish it all?

Well, I won’t give you tips on how to study, because I feel like we all have our own way of taking care of that, but I can definitely offer a couple tips for getting in some quick workouts through out the day.

1)   Bicep curls for toned arms: While you’re doing your reading it is really easy to grab a 5-10 pound weight and do some curls. My suggestion would be 3 sets of 10 reps. DO NOT FORGET TO SWITCH ARMS.

2)   Treadmill reading: Bring your book with you on the treadmill! It’s easy and you’re getting your cardio in while studying.

3)   Take a 5-minute break: We all need a break, and meditation is a good way to clear your mind. Stress is not good for the body, and I can tell you that’s a fact. Taking a break throughout studying will be good for you. During this break you can take a quick beauty rest, meditate or work out, its up to you!

Ladies and Gents, don’t stress about getting everything done at once. I can tell you that you are all just beautiful/handsome the way you are, so no need to overstress about getting a stereotypical “spring break body.” GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR UPCOMING MIDTERMS!





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