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Soy Hazelnut Cappuccino, please!

Hazelnut Cappuccino Cupcake

After a long night of studying and an early morning class what sounds better than a nice big cup of coffee? A cupcake with coffee IN it!!! I mean, who doesn’t love cupcakes? So today’s journey is into the world of tiny cakes and yummy frosting! What better way to represent Portland than through coffee? It’s what we’re known for isn’t it? So I took that idea and ran with it. I wanted to showcase Portland’s non-seasonal offerings in the form of cupcakes.

Hazelnuts. Duh.

Hazelnuts. Duh.

This time of year can be rough and what better way to combat that than with a shot of caffeine? Espresso to be exact. But then I started to wonder what exactly I could pair with this espresso flavor to make it even more delicious and it hit me: hazelnuts! Of course! No one ever thinks of these underrated cousins of peanuts but they were the perfect piece to the puzzle of my cupcake quest.

So this is when I searched the internet for anything I could find, and low and behold I found it! The perfect recipe for hazelnut cupcakes with espresso butter cream. From that point I just had to make it and see if it was as amazing as I hoped it was and damn. It was spectacular. The recipe, while simple enough, has resulted in an unforgettable experience. Unforgettable mostly because there are gobs of frosting all over both my kitchen walls and my shirt (damn you, shallow bowls!). But it was all worth it.

The frosting that is securely glued to almost every surface of my kitchen

The frosting that is securely glued to almost every surface of my kitchen

It turned out to be just the sprinter(spring/winter) treat I was hoping for. So check out this recipe and try it for yourself. It’s affordable and easy yet accessible all year round! Even try substituting the instant coffee with Stumptown and make it even more Portlandy!

Yours always,

Oh My Ganache

4 Responses to “Soy Hazelnut Cappuccino, please!”

  1. Maddy Lindgren

    This was so funny and fun to read! I only wish you had been more descriptive about how delicious the cupcakes were.

  2. Megan Parker

    I love this idea! I would have loved to have seen the finished product and maybe some more explanation of how the espresso frosting was made! Sounds interesting!


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