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Social Media: What it’s Doing to Our Relationships


Credit to Joey Sedano.


Are you on Facebook? Did you hop on the Twitter bandwagon? The reality of today’s world is that we are now drenched in media and technology. College students especially, there is so much info coming our way at all times it is amazing that our heads don’t explode. We are constantly ‘plugged in’ to our smart phones and laptops trying to stay on top of the most recent news, both from the outside world and from our inner circle of friends. Because of all this, a bigger question arises, how has this new wave of media changed the way we interact socially with one another?  In other words, has social media helped or hurt our ability to make new friends and put ourselves out there in new situations?

Facebook and Twitter are just a couple social media tools that are in use today, there are significantly more out there and most college students are using several other resources.

Andrew Condino, a sophomore Business major said “In terms of getting to know people or trying to find new people to meet, Facebook is still the way to go. It covers all the bases and you immediately have some information about a person. Social media as a whole does a lot more than that though, obviously blogging is way to express yourself but with tools like Pinterest and Spotify, we are allowed to see and hear even the music our friends listen to and the kinds of things they are interested in.“

Pinterest and Spotify are new-age social media tools. They have different uses than a tool such as Facebook but users are now able to link their accounts through Facebook, which allows their friends to see their recent activity.

“I think even dating back to Myspace, we were allowed to rate our top friends and essentially put it all out there for people to see. Everyone knew who a person’s best friend was, or who they were seeing romantically at the time” Condino added.

Clearly, social media has opened up horizons for people to gain entry into what used to be somewhat private or personal information.

“Social media definitely allows for more open communication between me and my significant other”, said Rob Forman, a junior Business major here at UP. “It gives us a means of communication when our phones don’t work, and it allows us to leave videos and little posts for them to see. “

As a whole, college students have come to expect to be able to find out all of this information with a few clicks of a mouse; there are barely filters on media material and with the integration of tools to work cohesively now, sharing media is easier than ever before. All things considered, social media keeps students connected and informed and it provides a necessary release and a mechanism for students to get away from the daily grind of work and class.


3 Responses to “Social Media: What it’s Doing to Our Relationships”

  1. Richy Carrillo

    Well written article but I think it would be better if there was a different point of view. Some would argue that Facebook also ruins relationships. That they turn couples into stalkers checking their girlfriends or boyfriends constantly on Facebook to see if they are talking to anybody else behind their back. At the same time Social media can also give too much information and if they are not careful can lead to dangerous situations. but overall good article and good insight.

  2. enidspitz

    Social media is definitely a huge part of relationships now–friendships, family (seems like everyone has joined FB), and for couples. My boyfriend and I are over a thousand miles apart, so everything from e-mail to Skype to iPhone apps keep us connected. Sometimes it can all get confusing though! And I don’t think a screen should ever replace actually speaking with someone in person.

  3. PJ Marcello

    This article is awesome. My friends and I have discussed this sort of thing a lot. This had a lot of good insight on it.


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