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Kombucha, Good For You or a Waste of Money?


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We’ve all heard about it: The Kombucha Craze. Is it really good for you though? Or is it just a slimy beverage that people drink in hopes of becoming healthier? Kombucha is essentially just fermented tea that contains a colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) and is presented through slimy sludge floating near the bottom of it. This may not sound appealing at first, but the popularity of Kombucha has risen drastically.

So what does Kombucha do for the body? Most people tend to use it for probiotic or detox cleanses, but some nutritionists warn that too much can actually be toxic for the body. Kombucha can cause an allergic reaction as well as other side affects, including: jaundice, head/neck pain, nausea and vomiting, all related to toxins that affect your digestive system. There hasn’t been any reports from the FDA of serious illness occurring from consumption of Kombucha, so it is assumed these side affects are only visible if Kombucha is consumed in large amounts throughout the day. The Center for Disease Control, on the other hand, had some different conclusions. It has linked Kombucha with the two women who were diagnosed with severe acidosis.

Larissa Wood, has grown to love Kombucha after her mom, Lonna Wood introduced her to it. Larissa obtained her first SCOBY in December from Lonna’s parent SCOBY. Granted, it still sits in her refrigerator to this day, she claims the beverage is “is really good for you, and even better tasting if you buy it at the store.” She also claims that she has never had any complications while drinking it.

Kombucha continues to gain popularity among both older and younger generations. It has gained a reputation of detoxifying the body and when store bought: a healthy tea that’s sweetened.





2 Responses to “Kombucha, Good For You or a Waste of Money?”

  1. Megan Parker

    I really liked the photo you used to go along with this story! I think possibly a little more on how Kombucha is made and what effects it actually has on the body would have been nice but I liked your writing style!

  2. carolineelai

    Definitely a hot topic! I like the use of rhetorical questions to lead the article’s flow of thought. The bit of background is really helpful. The bit about SCOBY was a little confusing. Your last sentence about kombucha being a healthy tea that’s sweetened was really funny.


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