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Dating Apps: The College Dating Game Changer

Photograph by Caroline Lai

For college students, cell phone dating apps are now changing the dating game. Dating apps for eHarmony and have been around, but new dating apps such as Tinder, Zoosk, Grindr, and Lulu are making hooking up between college students faster and easier.

Unlike the dating apps targeted for older consumers, apps like Tinder, OkCupid, and Grindr are different because they create matches based on the consumer’s GPS location on his smartphone. As a result, college students can meet up with each other in person practically immediately after meeting each other on the dating app anytime, anywhere.

According to, “the vast majority of the primary smartphone market, U.S. adults between 18-54, already have smartphones.” displays a chart from Online Degrees that demonstrates that 53% of college students own a smartphone and of this percentage, 75% use their smartphones at home, school, work, on the go, and elsewhere. Essentially, the majority of college students own smartphones and almost all of them use their phones all the time.

In addition, a large percentage of dating app users is of college age, according to Flurry Analytics. For Android, 38% of dating app users is between the ages of 18-24, and for Apple iOS, 34% of dating app users is between the ages of 18-24.

Another study conducted by Flurry Analytics is even more interesting. It shows that the people using dating apps are 64% male and 36% female, though it does not display the age distribution of the dating app users. Even so, a significant amount of college students are still using dating apps and redefining what it means to date.

Technology has been changing the dating world for a long time now. From IM to Facebook to texting, college students have been finding more immediate ways to connect with each other. But dating apps, more specifically Tinder, are making the process of meeting other people even faster with less of the time period of getting to know each other.

As opposed to the previous ways of conversing, getting to know each other, and possibly eventually meeting, Tinder sets up two people based on location, interests, and if the two parties have “liked” each other based on a limited allowance of photos.

Apps are the current mode in which people are finding new ways to date so what is next?


2 Responses to “Dating Apps: The College Dating Game Changer”

  1. Julia Kennedy

    Weird – and kinda creepy. A cool article to do though, to shed some light on things like this.
    You should consider adding / writing about “Bang With Friends” – it’s a really interesting new app that essentially just pairs you with friends that want to have sex haha.

  2. lifeofmiguel

    A lot of People at my school use these. Don’t know what to think of them


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