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5 New ‘Around the House’ Wedding Decoration Trends

So you’re young, broke, but engaged and in love and daydreaming of a beautiful wedding filled with lavish decorations and flowers. You dream of unique quirks to your wedding that set it apart from the rest–details taking your special day to the next level. The problem is, decorations can be an unexpected expense for engaged couples, setting their financial limits over the edge. Why compromise the beauty for the budget? Check out these ‘around the house’ inexpensive tricks to enhancing the beauty while keeping to the budget!
  1. Mason Jars: These little glass helpers can be used for almost anything in the wedding décor. The latest trends include mason jars as centerpieces to hold flowers, or to line the isle with little tea lights as the bride takes her first steps towards the groom. Of course mason jars can also be used for beverages and are a great way to give a vintage flare to any wedding. Many family and friends may have old mason jars in their house willing to loan for the wedding and reception and thrift store often have great price offers as well. This trendy, affordable fashion is must have in this upcoming wedding season.                                                                                        15ada8a42cf2807f577613b37400bef9 Sweeley Winery Wedding
  2. Ribbon: Yup, it’s that simple. Colored ribbon is often used as a backdrop for outdoor weddings, giving the green surroundings a pop of color. Another idea is to tie the ribbon on the back of the chairs during the ceremony. This allows the chairs to also be incorporated in the wedding’s color scheme and gives it a fun, colorful look. At fabric stores, ribbon runs fairly inexpensive, giving the bride and groom the ability to save more money on a backdrop or fancy chairs, without sacrificing the designer look!                                                                                        41b6712de34c66a916ef77e09fb145d8 bab4fe9116cce435845662b220a5f704 583b49a69c6d63ceae2325c199642ed9
  3. Vintage Suitcases: Still have grandpa’s old suitcase from the 1930’s? Obsessed with a vintage wedding flare? Well, vintage suitcases are ever present in the wedding décor phase. The suitcases are often showcased next to the guestbook, or welcome table. They offer character and charm and even a unique place where guest can place their wedding cards. Want to be different? Make sure vintage suitcases make your list of decoration ‘must haves’!f3e84c7474479c5859c8df37898bdf36 8a162a8a501eaeeabacd709cd367d9c3
  4. Old Frames: Along with vintage suitcases this new trend of hanging vintage old frames give the wedding a rustic flare, without the cost. Paint the empty frames any color to extenuate the theme of the wedding. This will not only add to charm of the household item flare, but will fill up awkward empty holes or blank spots that need to be filled. Go through your house for any unwanted frames or head to your local thrift shop for more inexpensive options. Cheap spray paint will give your wedding a unique and inexpensive sparkle your guests are sure to notice. de931d3cf0ccfaad6ba655608ace82e9 b399e80dea8fcb5dec247a7203939067 ea74a59ddc9784670a9d1d24384029b8il_fullxfull.355429051_8e62
  5. Burlap: To really nail the modern ‘rustic’ wedding look, burlap is an inexpensive, easy to find fabric that will add texture and warmth to the reception. Using burlap as a runner gives the table a neutral tone, allowing for flowers and plates to pop with color. The hard texture gives you to opportunity to contrast with different fabrics and adds that extra something to make table decorations really stand out. Don’t be afraid of this rough texture—it’s the newest trend in fashionable weddings!                                                                               e350c048c3af62d82c89f175de70bd47 7dc34af7f0d40a37db1ff31f9e19236c

Jamie Ellen

2 Responses to “5 New ‘Around the House’ Wedding Decoration Trends”

  1. Elizabeth

    You really found some interesting ideas that are so simple! I never would have thought to use ribbon as a backdrop, genius. Great suggestions! I wonder if there is any way to do something for a Jewish chuppah out of ordinary things? I know those are pretty common.


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