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What is Diversity?


Taken outside of Franz Hall by me


When thinking about diversity, many automatically think about race, but they almost always forget that diversity also consists of religion, gender, sexuality, social class and race. There are many ways to define diversity, but what about diversity on college campuses?

When walking around UP, diversity is not a topic that many think about or even mention it. Some keep quiet out of fear of confrontation with someone or just the idea that many people don’t realize that diversity could be an issue at UP.

A couple of weeks ago, some UP students gathered together to meet with CPB to ask them if diversity was part of their mission statement and if so how were they were planning on representing diversity through their events.

Many students, who gathered together to ask CPB about diversity, were students of color and students who don’t understand how UP does not see it as a problem. One of the main issues that these students wanted to address is that CPB exists to provide entertainment for the student body, but how are they addressing diversity through these events.

One of the subjects that came up was about the date doctor that was brought last semester. The doctor did not know how to target or talk about same-sex relationships. So automatically, the question is ‘How is that promoting or including diversity?’

I personally did not attend this gathering, but I heard about frustration from classmates and friends who did attend and how they could not understand how someone can’t see the problem.

There are many students, majority of color, here at UP are frustrated that diversity is not a topic that is addressed. This causes them to feel misrepresented and misunderstood.

Diversity on campuses should never be a problem, and it should not be a topic that people should be afraid of talking about. There are times that I sit in a classroom and the topic of diversity of gender, sexuality or race come up. There are times where no one wants to talk, like it is a foreign concept. For me, personally, it was never a huge issue because I was the only Hispanic through K-12. However, in a university setting I feel that diversity should not be a topic that is hesitation but a topic that can be easily talked about.

Listening to classmates and friends about their frustration with how CPB handles diversity, made me realize that some people don’t notice that the diverse community at UP is not being recognized or at least acknowledge that they don’t feel accepted all the time.

Maybe one day diversity won’t be an issue at UP, and those of diverse background either by gender, race, or religion can feel more equal and accepted.



2 Responses to “What is Diversity?”

  1. DeAnna Gayomali

    I think this is an excellent point. In Bib Trad this week, we talking about different ways of interpreting the Bible and one of the examples was about how someone would react to a friend, who just happened to be gay, coming across a passage that seemed to condemn homosexuality. Only a few people responded to the discussion in the class, but I’m sure more people had thoughts on the matter.

  2. Maddy Lindgren

    I really enjoyed your take on the issue because it was really informative. it would be interesting to see what professors had to say about the issue and why the students that don’t seem to care feel the way they do.


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