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Twitters Security: Less than Compotent

Twitter User. Photo by Richy Carrillo

Twitter User. Photo by Richy Carrillo

I was driving in my car heading towards downtown Portland looking for some food when I come across a news story on the radio. Apparently, Burger Kings Twitter account was hacked and had posted obscene and funny comments while tagging other people as well. At the time, authorities were investigating the culprit for this crime. But it’s time to face the truth, it seems as though this isn’t the first time this has happened, this week it was Burger King, but others have suffered from this like Jeep. Hackers set their sights on Chrysler’s Jeep brand, filling its official account with offensive language and claiming it was sold to General Motors’ Cadillac.

Hacked Tweets Photo from

Hacked Tweets Photo from

Social networking sites pride themselves of security and with everything that has happened in the past I’m sure they would have done something about it. What I’m surprised about is why hasn’t Twitter made improvements to their security to prevent this from happening anymore. Suggestions that have been floating around are that Twitter is looking to implement a two-step verification process that would decrease the number of hackers from entering people and businesses information. Google is one site that has already implemented this process.

Twitter is working on the problem right now, but don’t seem too concerned about it at the moment. Like I said they pride themselves on security being a priority but seems like they have done little to do so with all of these hacks happening all the time. I found some information from Twitter on their website about their security to see what they had to say,

“At Twitter, we value your online security as much as you do. Our team works constantly to protect the security of your account, and takes steps every day to provide a secure Twitter experience for our users.”

I think it’s time to put those words into action

– Richy


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