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Netflix at its Best

Students watching Netflix

Students watching Netflix. Photo by Richy Carrillo

Netflix is probably one of the best inventions of our time. It gives people the ability to instantly stream their favorite shows and movies in the push of a button. Whether it’s on your TV, gaming console, even on your mobile device. But there has been a problem that many users have been complaining about which, is when more than one user shares a Netflix account, how do you manage your account so that your preferences and genres are not the other persons.

Although Netflix does a great job with its search engine, it was more designed for household use. When you watch a show, you will see a variety of genres similar to what you watch on your top 10 row. This is great if you have a family and need to entertain kids, but not so good for a single person.

Right now Netflix is working on a multi-profile system that already separated kid’s Netflix with regular Netflix.

Netflix profiles.

Netflix profiles.

Steven Evans a UP alum agrees that Netflix would be a lot better with some improvement, “My little sister is always watching cartoons at home, and when I want to look for a good movie to watch it’s really difficult to find a good show instead of just on the children’s section.” Once learning about the future improvement of Netflix he sounded more optimistic about the system. “That would be great to have your own profile on Netflix, it would keep everything organized and easier to find.” His father Marc Evans also had a similar mindset, “I love my daughter but can’t wait for her to move out and get her own account. It’s amazing how watching 200 episodes of, “Say Yes to the Dress,” can kill your former action movie profile.”

But until then there is a way to keep your Netflix as specific as possible without running into very many problems.

Review as many shows as possible.

You can refine your results by just powering through as many shows as possible and filling out a taste profile. You can find this under Your Account- Taste Preferences The list is big and can range 15 minutes to over an hour to complete, depending on how thorough you want your list to be. But, the more your genres you rate, the more focused your results will be.

Stay up to date

The lists that show up on your Netflix page (Top 10, popular on Netflix) are good but there are other ways to stay up to date on good shows and what’s coming soon to be available for streaming. InstantWatcher is a site that shows the top 50 shows of the last 24 hours. And Streaming Soon is a place where you can find new shows that will be available soon. With these sites, the Netflix experience can be made a lot better and efficient.


2 Responses to “Netflix at its Best”

  1. Jamie Opra

    It would be nice if you gave an estimated date that Netflix hopes to finish this new project! Great links to InstantWatcher and Steaming Soon as other suggestions for top shows to watch.


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