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Escape to Cathedral Park

Escape. Cathedral Park, North Portland. Feb. 14. 2013Photo by: W.C. Lawson

Escape. Cathedral Park, North Portland. Feb. 14. 2013
Photo by: W.C. Lawson

Local artist, “ESCAPE” is back! One of North Portland’s trending graffiti artists has made way below the St. John’s Bridge in Cathedral Park.

Above is a photo of a cover up piece done by the artist. As North Portland becomes more popular in the graffiti culture, local taggers are marking up more real estate in major hot spots around the area.

More often than not, these popular pieces are covered up by other trending artists. Or, the major spots are cleaned up by volunteer groups in the Portland area.

Reoccurring themes within the style and placement of ESCAPE’s tags indicate that it is a single artist, and mostly not gang affiliated. Most gang tags that appear with different “handwritings” indicate that there is more than one person tagging under that particular name, which implies collaborative work. With reoccurring themes of style, it seems that ESCAPE is a one-man operation.

Stay painted up as I find more graffiti sites.



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