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A Moment in the Spotlight: Putting Bakeshop on the Map

Bakeshop’s storefront in NE

A flurry of news activity is bringing Portland bakery, Bakeshop, into the limelight. After two articles written in the last week there is no question that Bakeshop’s business is booming. With the necessity for sweets on Valentine’s Day last week the already formidable little shop became even more packed with the last minute crowd of lovebirds.

Bakeshop’s delicious treats. Photo courtesy of Bakeshoppdx

In a feature story last week by the Los Angeles Times, writer Alice Short compiled a through list of must taste bakeries and sweets shops here in Portland. While it is unclear what inspired Short to write about Portland considering her living and writing a state away, she did cover quite a few highpoints here in the Rose City.

Among these was Bakeshop, a tiny little bakery in North East Portland that is most commonly known for its products that can be found anywhere from Floyd’s Coffee Shop to Salt and Straw. But as popularity rises for their signature Figgy-buckwheat scone many people are venturing down to the hub of the process; the little storefront on Sandy Boulevard.

Kim Boyce, owner of Bakeshop. Photo courtusy of Bakeshoppdx

Kim Boyce, owner of Bakeshop and California native, was inspired to come to Oregon in search of a place where her creativity could flourish through food while her children could grow up in a unique Portland neighborhood.

In an interview with the Oregonian Boyce gave her followers a taste of what inspired her to open the shop, and what makes them unique. Her creations, which she started making in her basement when money was tight, were a whole grain alternative for the growing nutrition-conscious Portlanders who became her biggest fans. Starting as a predominantly wholesale business, Boyce was able to get her foot in the door at a variety of Portland businesses, which has flourished into over twenty clients who are supplied by her shop regularly for sweets.

As their notoriety grew they opened up a storefront on Sandy Boulevard in an attempt to give customers the options they wanted. Boyce clarified that she wanted to keep the space small in an effort to remain mostly wholesale yet “have this really special front counter where we get to interact with customers face-to-face.”

With the attention that has surrounded them in this last week’s news it will be interesting to see what becomes of this little gem of Portland in the future. Who knows where we’ll see the Figgy-buckwheat scone next.


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