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So, you want to play soccer? 7 leagues to check out

As a former varsity high school athlete, I know it can be discouraging to graduate and realize that your days on the pitch are over. But fear not, spring season is upon us! Portland isn’t just “Soccer City USA” for the professionals. It’s a soccer-loving city because people here of all ages and abilities enjoy the beautiful game.

To get you back out there, I’ve compiled a list of 7 different leagues around Portland that would be lucky to have someone like you. Your best bet is indoor because you can play year round, rain-free, and there’s a lot of locations, but there are a few outdoor leagues worth looking into. Spring season starts in March/April, so best get on it!

#1 SoccerPlexImage

Type: Indoor
Nuts and Bolts: I love this place. It’s got great atmosphere, and they have a bar and TV so you can watch other games and grab a drink after your victory. A bit on the chilly side for viewers, but perfect for players. Jennifer Lim manages a coed team that plays on Sundays, and enjoys indoor because it’s only an hour. “What keeps me going is that I like the people that I play with,” she said. “I made good friends from it.” 
Women’s league plays Wed. evenings. Coed leagues play Mon., Tues. and Wed. evenings, and on the weekends throughout the day. Spring 1 starts March 11. Spring 2 starts May 13.
Cost: $595 per team. Or you can register individually for $65 per person, min. of 10 players.  You’ll need a player card, $20, but once you have it you are good forever.
Location: 8785 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. Portland, OR 97225

#2 Northwest United Women’s Soccer (NUWS)

Type: Outdoor
Nuts and Bolts: NUWS is a non-profit organization that promotes rec women’s soccer in the greater Portland area. The league typically has 50-60 teams. You can join the league as an entire team or as an individual. They have 5 divisions, and three age brackets including 2 for players 30 years and over. NUWS is affiliated with the OASA, so you’ll need a OASA player card, $40.  They run two seasons:  Spring (April-July) and Fall (September-November). League president Tara Witt anticipates that women from their late teens into their 70s participate.
When: Open and Masters divisions play on Thursday evenings. 30+ teams play on Tuesday evenings.
Location: Most games on Portland Parks Field

#3 Oregon Indoor Soccer Image

What: Indoor
Nuts and Bolts:
This place has 8 women’s divisions to choose from, including 4 for women 30 years and over. They also have 3 coed divisions.
When: Women play Mon. through Fri., 6pm to 11:30pm and Sat./Sun. 3 to 11:30pm. Coed play Fri. through Mon., 6:30pm to 11:30pm.
Cost: $625 per team. You’ll need a player card, $15, which requires an annual renewal.
Location: 17015 SE 82nd Dr. Clackamas, OR 97015-8545

#4 Beaverton Indoor

Type: Indoor
Nuts and Bolts: No women’s league yet, but it’s on the horizon. They have three different leagues ranging from high competition to fun recreation. It’s fairly new, and a very nice facility.
When: Tuesdays and Saturdays
Cost: Individual fee $48 and you are placed on a team.
Location: 11035 SW 11th Street. Beaverton OR, 97005

#5 Metro PDXImage

Type: Outdoor and indoor, 7v7
Nuts and Bolts: They offer both outdoor and indoor team play, and have three divisions of women’s teams and one division of coed ranging from highly competitive to recreational. They are an OASA affiliate, so be sure to get your OASA card, $40.
When: Sundays 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Cost: $495 per team
Location: Multiple indoor locations. LaSalle High School for outdoor.

#6 Portland Indoor Soccer

Type: Indoor
Nuts and Bolts: 6 spring women’s divisions. No extra fee is charged for identification cards or referees, yippie! This place also has a bar area with TVs and a pool table. The facility is older and bit on the grungy side, but its the field is good.
Location: 418 SE Main St. Portland, OR 97214

#7 Eastside Timbers

Nuts and Bolts: Formerly known as EastSide United FC, Eastside Timbers is a grassroots soccer organization that offers teams and leagues at every level. Although they are a premier club team, they have a recreational adult coed league. They offer 7v7 coed indoor and 11v11 coed outdoor summer leagues. They only accept registration as teams, so if you’re an individual, fill out another form to get on a team.  Also, they are an OASA affiliate, so be sure to get your OASA card, $40.
When: Winter/Spring season season runs 10 games from March to June. Games are primarily Sat. evenings, 5-9pm. Summer season starts June 16 – August 25.
Cost: Team registration fee is $500
Location: All games are played in the Gresham area.

What is OASA?
OASA is the Oregon Adult Soccer Association. They offer a number of leagues for adult play, and if your league is an affiliate, you must obtain an OASA card ($40).

Pick-up Games
Want to play, but lack the ability to commit? Check out MeetupPDX to find games near you! For something more regular, try:

  • Lunchtime Soccer @ SoccerPlex: Monday – Friday, 12:00pm – 2:00pm for $7.00, or $6.00 with SoccerPlex membership. Get a pass for $55.00 for 10 visits.
  • Open Play @ Portland Indoor Soccer: Every Tues. and Fri. from noon to 2:00 pm for $7. You can also get a 10-play card for $60

2 Responses to “So, you want to play soccer? 7 leagues to check out”

  1. Sol Flores

    This is a great article because I could easily relate to your lead because I was on varsity softball in high school and I miss playing every day. I like that you use your past experience and how you need to motivate yourself to keep active. I like that you give a brief explanation of all 7 places to go play soccer and that you gave what makes them good to attend. I was never much into soccer in high school, but my family plays all the time and I think I might check some of these out over the summer with my brothers. I like that you explained OASA, because I had an idea what it was but having that full definition really helped. This is a great article for people who want to keep active and love soccer.

  2. DeAnna Gayomali

    I appreciate how you also included opportunities to those who might not be able to participate in a team that met regularly. And the quote from Lim for Soccerplex helped create an interesting intro into the rest of the article.


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