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Working through Long-Distance Relationships

Apo & Joey

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it got me thinking back to my freshman year and having to deal with being in a relationship with someone 3,000 miles away. I was in Queens, New York at St. John’s University and my girlfriend (yes, we are still together) was here in Oregon at Linfield College in McMinnville. College students, young people in general, now a days are considered very free and open with their sexuality and often times not very committed to even “serious” relationships. Clearly we are all not like that but that is the common stereotype surrounding us. I’m here to tell you that long distance, at least in this day and age, can work pretty smoothly. Obviously there is the one big factor that no piece of technology has fixed: the fact that you will most likely not be able to physically see or be in contact with that person for a little while but with Skype, texting/calling and tools such as FaceTime on our phones ( for iPhones) it is very simple to still have a functioning and healthy relationship even when you are at opposite sides of the country. Now don’t get me wrong people, I am definitely not trying to say that it will be easy by any means. But that does not make it impossible and with the right amount of effort from both sides, as well as a little thing called love, any relationship can make it through.

So to all the couples out there, long distance or not, Happy early Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to cherish every moment with your significant others and let them know how much you care.

-Joey S


Credit to Joey Sedano



3 Responses to “Working through Long-Distance Relationships”

  1. Julia

    I love this! And I completely agree. I feel like there are no excuses for long distance relationships being easier and “smoother” than they used to be – we have literally an unlimited amount of ways to stay in contact and keep the love alive.
    stay strong with your lady, and congrats!

  2. Kyle Cape-Lindelin

    You’re the man Joey hope your relationship stays strong now that you’re even closer, way to show that it can work since I’ve had nothing but the opposite experience and I wasn’t even 500 miles away! Nice post man.

  3. floress13

    This is great! I was in a long distance relationship as well and it was hard but with email, instant messaging, phone calls and skyping was helpful, so completely agree with you that it can be done. Keep it up and congrats on making it and not making an excuse that it wouldn’t work because the distance! Good post and I think it is great that you used your relationship as an example so it can be more realistic!


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