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Indian Wedding Showcase Coming To Portland!

The Portland Indian Wedding Showcase is coming to Portland, OR Sunday February 10th at 2pm at East India Co. Grill & Bar, 821 SW 11th Avenue Portland, OR 97205 offering unique ideas and experienced for culturally colorful wedding. This event will provide rare opportunities for bride-to-be’s to incorporate the South Asian culture into their wedding day. The Portland Indian Wedding Showcase will include bride’s henna, floral garlands, traditional foods, and cultural ceremony traditions.  If you are looking for a way to make your wedding a day not only you will remember, but your guests as well, this showcase gives ideas about ways for your wedding to stand out. The event aims to combine the Western view that a bride and groom should enjoy themselves at their wedding with the traditionally sacred treatment of an Indian wedding. Not only is this an opportunity to make Portland a city that embraces multicultural events, but it also gives the local Indian community a taste of home. Portland Indian Weddings is based on the collaboration of wedding photographer Studio Varnika, Bollywood Music by DJ Prashant Kakad, and event decorator Hayward’s Decorations.

The traditional Indian wedding is a lavish affair hosting anywhere from 500-1000 guests. Here, the sacredness of the ceremony is preserved through numerous traditional rituals and is accompanied by lots of entertainment, fun, colorful dresses, jewelry, lip-smacking foods, music and dance. The weddings consist of two major events, one is the ‘Sangeet’ ceremony, or engagement ceremony, where the couple is surrounded by family and friends as they exchange the engagement rings. The other is the wedding ceremony, which begins with the ‘Baraatis’, the entrance of the guests and family. The groom can then enter the venue after the bride’s mother performs a ritual called ‘Aarti’ by rotating a small holy earthen lamp in front of the groom.  After the entry of the groom, the auspicious ‘Jai Mala ceremony occurs where the bride and groom meet each other and exchange garlands. This ceremony signifies that the couple accepts one another as spouse. Once this ritual is over, the guests and relatives present the couple with wedding gifts and congratulate them.


Indian weddings provide brides with plenty of colorful inspiration in the wedding planning process. This Indian Showcase will give local Portland brides-to-be a chance to expand their horizons, and incorporate an exceptional culture in their special day.

Jamie Ellen


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