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Electric Vehicles a thing of the present

To be completely honest, I never knew that Oregon was home to over 50 electric vehicle manufacturers until the other day. Actually, I didn’t even think that Oregon had anything to do with the production of vehicles, let alone environmentally friendly ones. Ecotope’s Cassandra Profita stated that about 1,600 jobs are located within Oregon’s electric vehicle industry.

Now when I first heard the term “electric vehicle” I immediately thought of an eco-friendly car. You know, the type with four wheels that looks similar to basically any other car on the road. This isn’t the case though. Oregon does not produce any vehicle that has four wheels. Instead the state specializes in one-wheel, two-wheel and three-wheel creations.

The unique electric vehicles range from scooters to airplane tugs and include various other “electrohuman hybrids.” I was surprised by the fact that many of these vehicles are currently used by companies all of the country, when I had no clue they even existed! The number of companies that focus on this unique type of vehicle is growing in Oregon, as the city keeps making improvements for our environment.

On top of making new vehicles, there are a few local companies that work on electric car conversions. Just think if every UP student that owned a car swapped his or her engine for one with an electric drive system. Not only would it save a lot of gas money, but it could also save our environment.

Let me be real though, I’m a broke college student and gas is expensive!



2 Responses to “Electric Vehicles a thing of the present”

  1. DeAnna Gayomali

    I hadn’t realized Oregon produced one to three wheeled electric vehicles either.I liked how you were more casual in this post and allowed it to be more conversational. And I think quite a few people can sympathize with the last sentence so it definitely made me laugh.


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