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Affirmative Action

Last year a case against University of Texas was challenging the admissions office because a perspective student who was arguing that she was not accepted because of her race.

The question that raised during this trial was if affirmative action was a good policy or was it discriminating still in a different matter.

A blogger from Boston University blogged about this case a couple of times last year and her opinion about diversity on campuses.

She indicates an interesting point about how private colleges are realizing the importance of diversity on campus, including her college. She says that she strongly believes that diversity is important and that you learn from diverse people and that if Fisher makes her claim, affirmative action would be changed and it could cause harm.

Diversity on campuses vary depending on the applicants and location of the schools. When applying to UP and other schools and scholarships, there were always remarks of how lucky I was to be of some ethnicity because I would be rewarded more.

The question of having more diversity on campuses should be up to admissions. But in reality perspective students should be admitted to a college if they have the qualified skills, grades, and match all the requirements, they shouldn’t take into race consideration.

The question still lingers if affirmative action is still being used correctly, I think without it as a women and person of color I would have not been able to attend college without affirmative action. Colleges should acknowledge diversity on campus, but it shouldn’t be an issue when looking at applicants. Diversity should not be an issue that should be fought in court about, it shouldn’t be an issue that needs to be addressed at colleges.


2 Responses to “Affirmative Action”

  1. carolineelai

    I like the personal example you used to supplement the general statements you make. I also like how you show your opinion in response to the article.

  2. Sean

    As an over 45, straight, christian, white male, most of the rules favor me. However, I was raised by a mother who was a domestic and worked for a very rich and powerful family. What I learned growing up, was that I was not who they were, but because I fit the previous demographics, I had things easier. I hope someday we live in a world where affirmative action isnt needed because we really all are equal, but right now in this country, we need it. That may cost me a job, it may cost me something, but if it lifts someone else, then I and the country will be better for it.
    I like to think that “a rising tide lifts all boats”, and if that truly is the case, then a minority who gets a chance to attend a better school or bid for a contract will make life better, and I will see a direct benefit of that. I think the saddest thing is when minority children receive a message that no matter their gifts, they dont have the access to the path I had. I still had to make my way and it wasnt easy, but no one ever questioned my place on that path. Continuing Affirmative Action means the path is open to more people until its opened to all.


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