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A blog writer who I admire

The Seattle Subsonic blog has really caught my attention because of the way it describes music. I was reading a post about a music festival that they covered a while back.

It is a great combination of reporting and opinion. it lays down the facts surrounding the judgements that blogger Dave O’Leary makes very well. The reader sees background about the band and their musical style. What really caught my attention though, was the way he described the show that he saw and wrote about. These great descriptions are chalked full of words that describe both sight and sound that really do give a great sense for what might have gone on at that show – or at least I’ve got a scene in my head.

Though he goes into some detail as far as what he is up to, that part does not seem mundane. There is still flow to those parts.

In short, this style of blog-writing is one that I would like to work toward achieving.


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