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Save Your Water Damaged Gadgets

S**t happens. There is no possible way of knowing what’s going to happen until it actually does, especially when it comes to dropping your favorite gadget in sink or toilet. But that doesn’t mean the item can’t be saved.

Will Albright an AT&T retailer, states that usually a repair for a water damaged IPhone depends on how bad it is. “You have to send in your IPhone to Apple customer services, from there they inspect the phone to see if it was due to water damage, which voids the warranty. But repairs or replacement range from $150-$200 if you are within contract.” Here is a good and recommended approach to saving your phone or other gadgets, without having a heart attack or spending hundreds of dollars in repairs or replacements.

Step 1: Turn off the power

Once you realize your gadget is being soaked you need to get it out and turn the power completely off. The common misconception is that the water is causing the damage but it’s more the electrical shorts it creates.

Step 2: Strip it down

Remove everything possible from the phone that is able to come off. Battery, back cover, memory, and SIM cards. You’re going to want to be able to get as much air as possible in the inside of the phone as possible without breaking the actual phone of course.

Step 3: Suck it good

You are going to want to get as much liquid out as possible at this point. Vacuums with a nozzle work but if you don’t have one with your mouth is ok too. Suck from each port like the earphones and charger.

Step 4: Drying

What you are going to need is a box of Rice Krispies Cereal. Place your gadget in a bowl of Rice Krispies and let it sit for about two days to let it really soak up all the moisture.

O Catedrilla, a senior student nurse at the University of Portland, says she is “jinxed” when it comes to dropping her phone in water or food. “I’ve heard of the method of using Rice Krispies but what works best for me is uncooked rice.” Uncooked rice is yet another household item that works just as well at soaking up moisture if it’s at your disposal.

Step 5: Moment of truth

After two days pass, and the gadget appears to be completely dry, it is ok to turn on the phone again. If there is still a little bit of fog or moisture place it back in for additional time.

Things to avoid:

Ovens and toasters- Don’t do that. This would only melt the components in the gadget. A hair-dryer could work as long as it’s on the fan mode (cool), meaning there is no heat.

Microwaves- Please don’t use this and if you do, you probably don’t deserve to own a phone.


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