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Jell-O Pudding Surprise Leaves Disheartened 9er’s Fans Hungry for More

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

After a devastating loss at the Super Bowl last weekend San Francisco eased their troubles and their appetites in an event last Tuesday orchestrated by Jell-O. As a consolatory prize for the losing team this year Jell-O set out to bring pudding to the masses and to try and ease the ache of a tarnished reputation with the comfort of a Jell-O cup. In an event Jell-O’s creators Kraft called the “Pudding Drop” they attempted to “Fun things up” for 49er’s fans.

Photo courtesy of Jell-O

According to a spokesman in a YouTube video posted by Jell-O last week, “Nothing masks the bitter taste of defeat like the sweet taste of Jell-O,” yet fans everywhere were taken aback by the pandemonium that this event brought. In a live video of the event a bystander caught the disorder on camera, featuring the chaos of a mob of  people trying to push their way to the front of the line in fear of missing out on pudding.

The creators of FunCheapSF, a company devoted to providing information about upcoming cheap events in the San Francisco area, found the ploy by Jell-O to be crude ploy for publicity more than a conciliatory act. In their preview of the event they called the Pudding Drop “an awfully tacky way to try to ‘cheer up’ San Francisco.” They found that a random distribution of pudding throughout the city was less than effective.

Former 49er and Super Bowl champion Ronnie Lott disagreed, partnering with Jell-O for this event. He showed up Tuesday ready to wow the crowd by the generosity of Jell-O’s delicious dessert snacks. He believes that this project represents the difference between 49er’s fans and the rest of the industry.

In an interview with the Huffington Post Lott said, “Niners fans not only understand what it’s like to win, but they also understand what it’s like to lose… As long as you’re giving your best, I think that they appreciate that.” While that remains to be seen in light of the sub-par acceptance of the event, there are still fans that hold tight to their 9er’s pride with Jell-O cup in hand.

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

As 49er’s fan Jillian Salamy told the Huffington Post, “The fact that I got to see Ronnie Lott is helping me a little bit more than the JELL-O,” and in that at least a part of the ache of defeat was eased.


5 Responses to “Jell-O Pudding Surprise Leaves Disheartened 9er’s Fans Hungry for More”

  1. PJ Marcello

    haha this is great. What a genius marketing plan. I could use a Jell-O right now.

  2. Kate Stringer

    It’s interesting to watch how creative companies get when trying to promote their products. Definitely an original technique – reminds me of Oreo’s “you can still dunk in the dark” add that the company created during the superbowl blackout.

  3. bridgetcangany

    Literally I am dying, this article is hysterical!! I had no idea that anyone would even think to do something like this. I am so curious as to why people find this act to be so tacky. It is a great way to market and get people involved in the community, even after a loss.

  4. carolineelai

    I like your descriptive writing style and the story is entertaining. The links and pictures add really well to the story!


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