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For the Love of Yourself

Picture from "Girls Gone Strong" Blog Website

Picture from “Girls Gone Strong” Blog Website

In today’s society, if you don’t look like a body builder you aren’t working out hard enough. The pressure to run faster, eat better, and lift more weight has become so heavy that most people collapse under the bulk. For women this can be even harder. It is expected now that women are good mothers, have a successful career, and live a healthy lifestyle. Society has flooded us with new expectations and most people are fighting to keep their head above the water.

Today I was reading an article posted on the blog site “Girls Gone Strong” about why women tend to work out. This societal pressure is why many women are motivated to train at the level that they do. Everyone wants to look better and feel better about their appearance. When people first commit to an intense work out plan they are thinking in their heads, ‘I want this certain part of myself to look better.’ But what about the parts of our self that we already love and that we just want to function at their highest capacity?

The women of “Girls Gone Strong” spend a little time reflecting on their favorite parts of themselves that give them the positive motivation to continue training. The body is an incredible machine and so many of us abuse it rather than tune it. The main message of this blog post was simply, “love your body.” It is such an important message to remember on those days when we get caught up in appearance and we focus on the things we hate about ourselves. Each of us is a unique and special version of a perfect and astonishing apparatus and that should be celebrated not berated.

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2 Responses to “For the Love of Yourself”

  1. bridgetcangany

    Love this article!!! In a society that praises women for weighing the same as a five year old boy, i love this idea of focusing on what it is we love about our bodies rather than what we hate about it!

  2. Kate Stringer

    There is so much irony in the “hate your body so take care of it” mentality. I think you do a great job of bringing these two conflicting ideas together


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