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Meet Maddy

Ridiculous. Energetic. Goofy. Overly enthusiastic. Weird. I should also mention my obsession with my Pug/Lhasa Apso, Muffin. Oh, and Harry Potter. You can never forget Harry Potter.  Growing up as an only child in a home secluded by woods, I formed an incredibly active imagination. I would sneak through my backyard casting spells (in a terrible British accent) and causing mayhem through my own version of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Eventually, I defeated Lord Voldemort with my impressive witchcraft. Oh, those were the days. Now, most of my time is split between playing my beloved guitar and spending time with my friends (…and school I guess).

I was born and raised in the Northwest in a small town that no one ever seems to know exists. Most people think that it is an island because it is lucky enough to have a ferry that crosses the Puget Sound, but it is nowhere near being an island.  Have you guessed it yet? You’re right! I’m from Kingston. The woodsy town has spurred my love for hiking, and discovering fantastic vantage points of the Olympic mountains (when it isn’t raining of course).  When I’m not outside relishing the sunshine (mostly rain), I’m watching a ridiculous amount of YouTube videos or television shows.  However, the only thing I do now whenever I go home is sit on the floor and play with my old, lazy, princess of a dog, Muffin.

By the way, Muffin looks exactly like a miniature Ewok from “Star Wars”. What can I say, Ewoks are adorable.



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