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A little bit about me

Shy at first, outgoing once I get to know people. Friendly and caring is another way people describe me. My outgoing part of me is that I enjoy traveling in other countries because its an adventurous challenge. Coffee addict, all because Dutch Bro’s and their friendly staff. What motivates me each day is knowing that I will be learning something new and that I can possibly help someone or a cause that I might take interest in.

I have always grown up as one of the only Hispanics in school and I never really saw a difference in treatment or saw it as a problem. But getting to know other students opinion made me start thinking about what if our campus were to be more diverse how would it affect our university culture. I have grown interest in this topic because I never realized how much I became use to the idea of being the only Hispanic and that it never really bothered me, unlike some students who prefer more diversity.

So I hope you enjoy reading my blogs about diversity on campus!



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